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At Grand Hotel Lysekil, you can always enjoy a delicious hotel breakfast, even if you are not staying with us.

Our breakfast features a variety of items, including the world's tastiest scrambled eggs, bacon, quiche, freshly baked bread, cold cuts, cheeses, waffles, and much more...

The breakfast is priced at 179 SEK per person and is available every* day. If you're not staying at the hotel, we recommend making a reservation in advance. This can be easily done here, or by calling us at 0523-611 000, or by emailing us at info@grandhotellysekil.se

*Breakfast is of course included when you book a room through our website. If you are not staying at the hotel, we recommend making a reservation. Children up to 12 years old receive a discounted rate.

Our story

The Vintage Boutique Hotel - Close to everything - In the center of Lysekil 

Since 1880 guests have been visiting this ancient hotel. Welcome to Lysekil and one of West Sweden's oldest hotels.

Close to everything in the very center of Lysekil, you will find this lovely hotel in a magnific beautiful Swiss-style building in the king’s square in Lysekil. 

Every room is different and has its own story. At the Grand Hotel Lysekil, guests experience a unique blend of old-fashioned furniture and history with modern design. Past and present in a delightful mix. The rooms vary from small and endearing to larger and adorable. There are also two suites where the larger family can sleep or two couples making a journey together.

The sea, gym, shops, spa, restaurants, and much more are just a few minutes’ walk from your room. More history, years, and anecdotes from this ancient Grand Hotel Lysekil, you will find here



Experience the Swedish West Coast in Unique Lysekil and Bohuslän

In Lysekil, there's plenty to do for all ages.

Choose from Christmas Buffet Packages, Cold Bathhouse Experiences & Vineyard Packages!

Give the gift of an experience for Christmas or as a present! Our website has many Christmas gift ideas!

If you're visiting just to rest and relax, you've definitely come to the right place. A short walk to Stångehuvud is fantastic for unwinding. Sit down on these rounded beautiful cliffs, enjoy the view and nature's spectacle. In clear weather, you can actually see all the way to Smögen.

In Lysekil, there's also a lot to do for the active or the epicurean. Here, you can combine golf with a vineyard tour at Bohuslän's northernmost vineyard. Rent bicycles and take a boat trip with the bike to the beautiful fishing community of Fiskebäckskil. Take the whole family on an adventure and discover the animals swimming in Gullmarsfjorden and visit snow leopards at Nordens Ark.

Lysekil is also close to both Gothenburg and Oslo, so if you want to make a real discovery trip once you get here, you can take short day trips to the other old fishing communities like Smögen, Grebbestad, and Strömstad, or longer trips to Gothenburg (about an hour's drive) or Oslo, which is only two hours away by car.

Grand Hotel offers various hotel packages. Check out our package page for autumn break packages or why not book a music package with a dinner show featuring some of Sweden's most beloved artists.

Grand Hotel Lysekil will host several concerts during 2021 and 2022 with well-known artists. Keep an eye out for our music events on social media.

Dinner & Delight

Intimate dinners with live music from some of the greatest musicians there are in Sweden today. Starting with Robert Wells, known word wide for Rhapsody in Rock and his enormous skills on piano.

Robert Wells with accompaniment are visiting Grand Hotel Lysekil the 15th of May. 

Dinner & Delight are small VIP concerts with dinner, where you will get really close to the artist. 

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Our Rooms

At Grand Hotel, no two rooms are alike. Here, present and past are charmingly intermixed. Some rooms are small and picturesque with alcove beds, while others are larger, accommodating the entire family when extra beds are added. Grand Hotel Lysekil also features two suites. Grand Hotel Lysekil is a vintage hotel where each room is individually decorated, and its walls are steeped in history. Some even say it is haunted.

Accessibility Database

Here is information about accessibility at Grand Hotel Lysekil.

As the hotel was built in 1878, unfortunately, there is no elevator in the building, resulting in somewhat limited accessibility.

Therefore, we also want to mention that there is a handicap-accessible apartment at our sister hotel, Fjordhotellet, which is located on the ground floor where you can drive right up to the building with a car.

The Accessibility Database (TD) is currently the only database in Sweden that offers information to residents and visitors about physical accessibility in everyday life. TD was originally developed in 2005 by the Västra Götaland Region, West Sweden Tourist Board, the collective disability movement in West Sweden in cooperation with companies and municipalities in Västra Götaland.

Läs mer om Tillgänglighetsdatabasen för Grand Hotel Lysekil här